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My RENTABO is a secured section of the webpage designed for RENTABO customers and prospective customers. This site allows you to review and organize your current offers and bookings, to save and compare quotes and to upload documents.

Enter your registration username, which can be found in the email you received from your travel agency.


  1. Dashboard: Information about your closest cruise.
  2. Offers: Manage and compare all your offers.
  3. Orders: Complete your bookings, add or remove bookable extras. Find your bookingconfirmation, voucher and baseinformations. Upload here crewlist and sailingresume for each booking.
  4. Documents: Upload here copy of passport and sailinglicences.
  5. Apply for Insurance: Skippers liability insurance, insurance for security-deposit, charter-cancellation-insurance.
  6. Information & Services: Description of Sailingareas, Check-in-Tipps and list of necessary licences for Bareboat-Charter.
  7. Terms & Conditions: General Terms & Conditions of contract
  8. Profile: Manage your personal datas, update your adress and phone number.
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